How does Acupuncture work?

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Almost daily, I am asked how Acupuncture works.  I’ve come up with a few explanations, some certainly easier to understand than others.  I thought I’d attempt once again, here in blog form.  I am hopeful that this explanation will be my best yet!

Much like our country with it’s infrastructure of roadways connecting important cities, landmarks and people, our bodies have an infrastructure in which electrical impulses, chemical signals, blood and other vital substances travel.  There are large interstates in which many materials travel at great speeds, there are smaller highways that go to specific places.  Smaller still, there are neighborhood streets and alleyways that connect organs, tissues and cells.  We call these roadways Meridians, Channels or Networks.

Sometimes, like with roadways, there are traffic jams which clog up the movement of vital substances, bringing healthy flow to a standstill.  Acupuncturists are trained to recognize this stagnation and using various techniques are able to restore flow, allowing the body to get back to what it does best — running at peak performance.

“But why then, if I have a headache, would you stick a needle in my foot?”, patient’s have asked.  The meridians that travel throughout our bodies connect everything.  In fact, there are meridians that flow from the head all the way down to the foot, and from the hand into the core of the body.  Actually, there isn’t a cell in our body that a meridian doesn’t reach.  Knowing this system of flow, allows an Acupuncturist to facilitate good health within a patient.  I like to think of it as a lightbulb and a switch.  If I wanted to turn on a light on the ceiling, all I need to do is flip a switch on the wall because there are circuits connecting that switch to the light.  If I want to address a headache, I can stick a needle in a point on the foot because there are meridians connecting your foot to the head.

This connection allows an acupuncturist to address more than just headaches.  There are meridians that are connected to every system of the body.  Whether it is an issue with digestion, the heart, hormones, energy levels, sleep, emotions, breathing, fertility, stress, chronic or acute pain … anything you could possibly think of, acupuncture can help.  It is a matter of understanding the connection and the flow of vital substances in the body along the meridians.

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