Always left feeling cared for and listened to.

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I saw Dr. Chris Miller for over a handful of sessions addressing emotional and muscular issues and always left feeling cared for and listened to.  he is very gifted in performing acupuncture and reading your energy.  I have been to over 8 acupuncturists in my life and think Dr. Miller is the best!  I only wish I could continue on but I have moved away and have not found a suitable replacement.  It’s hard to do.  Dr. Miller will give you a thorough session from start to finish.  You should leave feeling like you’re floating on a cloud.  One session with acupuncture typically isn’t enough no matter who you go to.  If you have a chronic issue to deal with expect to follow through with a few sessions to get the best results.  Dr. Miller will get you there if you do your half of the work as well.  He’s a wonderful support and going to him will be cheaper than pharmaceuticals and other doctors visits in the long run.  I look forward to the next time I get a treatment from him even if it’s not for a while.  I hope you find this helpful and give him a chance, you won’t regret it.