2018 – Year of the Yang Earth Dog

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No one will ever label 2017 as a walk in the park - the Fire Rooster made sure of that.  In fact, I might say this past year has, “gone to the dogs.”  Are you as “dog tired” of the constant stream of politics, of professional shifts and personal change as I am?  What, then, does the year of the Yang Earth Dog have in store for us? First let’s get familiar with the steady, rooted quality of Earth.  The next two years will have Earthy lessons for us.  This year, we welcome Yang Earth.  Next year (2019) will evoke the Yin Earth (Pig). In Chinese thought, Earth is related to the digestive system which extracts the essence out of what we ingest.  It holds the function of taking that essence and infusing our body with nourishing Qi and Blood.  At the fundamental levels, [...]

Year of the Sheep – Gently embracing service.

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photo cred: http://www.shetlandwoolbrokers.co.uk/Shetland-Wool-and-Sheep Last year, did you gallop away with the Yang Wood Horse and ride into the potential of accomplishing big goals and expansive ideas? Or did you get trampled by the adolescent hooves of impatience, fall off the saddle and get dragged along with it’s never-stopping, forward momentum? This January, you may feel one last big push as the horse darts into it’s sunset. Soon we shift focus and greet the Yin Wood Sheep. The sheep symbolizes good fortune, peace and abundance. Think of the lamb kneeling before it’s mother to nurse. With the sheep comes nurturing, gentleness, peace, calm, contentment. Life’s hectic pace is slowed and people connect with their more caring, sensitive and emotional sides. A theme with the sheep is the herd (our families and close friends). This year is an auspicious year for rooting deeper into [...]

Year of the Horse – Galloping into NEW horizons.

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In a few weeks, we leave behind the Yin Water Snake and jump boldly onto the saddle of the Yang Wood Horse. 2014 promises big potential *IF* you’ve embraced the 2013 snake appropriately. Did you shed your skin and slither through the dirt last year? The snake always brings up deeper core questions of morality and wisdom. For many, 2013 was about their core. Did you face it with suspicion or curiosity? Were you triggered and shut down or did you dig deep and study your patterns? The Chinese base a lot of things on cycles. The passage of time is no different. Each year is assigned an animal of the Chinese Zodiac. There are 12 zodiac animals (Rabbit, Tiger, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, etc.) and each of these animals have their own personality. But just like there are many different types of tigers [...]


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Who in this world does not have stress?  Honestly … show me that person, and I'll show you an enlightened being (or a person who is numb to the world). When talking about stress, we need to distinguish between two important aspects of the experience.  First there is the stimulus, the trigger, the "thing" that is causing us to feel the stress.  Experts call this, "the Stressor".  There are two types of stressors.  Work stress, family happenings, financial hardship, injury, punishment — these are examples of Distress.  Often times distress has a negative connotation in life and can lead to disease.  Love, promotion, winning the lotto, having babies, seeing a beautiful sunset — these are examples of Eustress.  Eustress most often has positive connotations in life and leads to a feeling of euphoria. Second, after the stressor, there is the response — the Stress.  [...]


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I can think of nothing more basic or necessary for our survival than breathing.  It's hardwired into our subconscious system so that we don't even need to think about it.  Of course, though, we can choose to control our breath.  Many believe the simple act of focusing on your breathing can provide us with incredible health benefits such as improving the quality of blood, increasing digestion and assimilation of food, strengthening the heart and lungs, boosting energy levels and assisting in weight control. To gain these health benefits, one must practice deep breathing.  Often, due to stress, bad posture or various other reasons, we find ourselves breathing shallowly into our chest.  Allowing the breath to pass the diaphragm and fill the abdomen brings fresh oxygen to the bottom parts of our lungs - a place not always reached during a shallow breath.  This allows [...]

Building Blood

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Are you finding yourself with poor concentration and memory?  Maybe you are dizzy or have blurry vision or floaters?  Is your complexion pale and your hair and nails lacking luster?  If you have a uterus, is your menstruation irregular? No, I haven't been following you around.  No, I'm not reading your mind, these are standard symptoms someone would feel if they have Blood Deficiency.  In Chinese Medicine, Blood is a vital substance.  It not only nourishes and moistens all types of tissues, it also is the foundation of all of our mental faculties.  More than just conventional medicines idea of Anemia, the Chinese see Blood Deficiency as a systemic condition and needs to be addressed. The building blocks of Blood come from two sources.  One of those is what we consume.  It would be impossible to address blood deficiency without offering some guidance in [...]


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There is this passage in a book I like called the Hua Hu Ching.  This book is a rare collection of stories passed down from Taoist master to Taoist master in the form of oral tradition.  Some attribute these stories directly to Lao Tzu (the author of the ever famous Tao Te Ching).  These stories are about a master talking with his students.  That's all beside the point.  I bring this up to talk about the passage I like… I don't have the book in front of me, so forgive my paraphrasing.  It goes something like this.  A student asks his master for guidance.  He was eager to learn and hungry for wisdom.  So he asks his master, "Here I am, open and ready.  Tell me your wisdom."  Dangerous, if you ask me.  The master jumps right in. "Young student, Can the expansive space [...]

Mouth Pain

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Such a Pain in the Mouth! In my opinion, there is nothing more debilitating than mouth pain.  Broken bones, hurt.  No doubt.  Low back pain can effect how you move through your day.  Mouth pain, though, mouth pain stops me in my tracks.  It effects how ,and even if, I eat.  It keeps me up at night.  It can even dictates whether or not I can talk. Mouth pain has aggravated humans ever since we've opened-wide.  And thankfully Traditional Medicine has been fighting the good fight for centuries.  From this, we have inherited effective and safe methods that can make a difference for you, today. Acupuncture Points Without getting too deep into Chinese Medical theory, the mouth has two powerful meridians that connect to it; the Large Intestine Meridian and the Stomach Meridian.  Both of these channels have acupuncture points along the jaw and [...]