23 04, 2013


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I can think of nothing more basic or necessary for our survival than breathing.  It's hardwired into our subconscious system so that we don't even need to think about it.  Of course, though, we can choose to control our breath.  Many believe the simple act of focusing on your breathing can provide us with incredible health benefits such as improving the quality of blood, increasing digestion and assimilation of food, strengthening the heart and lungs, boosting energy levels and assisting in weight control. To gain these health benefits, one must practice deep breathing.  Often, due to stress, bad posture or various other reasons, we find ourselves breathing shallowly into our chest.  Allowing the breath to pass the diaphragm and fill the abdomen brings fresh oxygen to the bottom parts of our lungs - a place not always reached during a shallow breath.  This allows [...]

16 04, 2013

Basics of Nutrition

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More and more, I am finding myself discussing nutrition with my patients.  I find it foundational to health and unavoidable.  We are, indeed, what we eat.  Luckily, nutrition is all about choices.  Below, I've written a list of ten choices I recommend to those who ask: 1. Chew.  If we chew our food more, it keeps us from shoveling too much into our mouths.  It also stimulates digestive enzymes released in our mouth, starting the digestive process immediately.  If we don't chew, our body has to work harder to digest our food.  Wouldn't you rather that energy be used elsewhere? 2. Read labels.  It shouldn't be difficult to read the list of ingredients on the label of your groceries.  If you can't pronounce it, or don't know what it is (preservatives, sweeteners, food colorings, etc.), chances are, it is not healthy for you to [...]

9 04, 2013

Tao Te Ching – Chapter 58

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When the government's dull and confused, the people are placid. When the government's sharp and keen, the people are discontented. Alas! misery lies under happiness, and happiness sits on misery, alas! Who know where it will end? Nothing is certain. The normal changes into the monstrous, the fortunate into the unfortunate, and our bewilderment goes on and on. And so the wise shape without cutting, Square without sawing, true without forcing. They are the light the does not shine. - ursula le guin ______________________ When the ruler knows his own heart the people are simple and pure When he meddles with their lives they become restless and disturbed. Bad fortune, yes — it rests upon good fortune Good fortune, yes — it hides within bad fortune Oh the things that heaven sends — Who can know their final aim? Who can tell of their [...]

2 04, 2013

Building Blood

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Are you finding yourself with poor concentration and memory?  Maybe you are dizzy or have blurry vision or floaters?  Is your complexion pale and your hair and nails lacking luster?  If you have a uterus, is your menstruation irregular? No, I haven't been following you around.  No, I'm not reading your mind, these are standard symptoms someone would feel if they have Blood Deficiency.  In Chinese Medicine, Blood is a vital substance.  It not only nourishes and moistens all types of tissues, it also is the foundation of all of our mental faculties.  More than just conventional medicines idea of Anemia, the Chinese see Blood Deficiency as a systemic condition and needs to be addressed. The building blocks of Blood come from two sources.  One of those is what we consume.  It would be impossible to address blood deficiency without offering some guidance in [...]

26 03, 2013


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One of the most powerful natural healing remedies available to us is simple sleep.  I am always surprised how often a good nights sleep will relieve a pain, calm nerves, reduce a rash, alleviate nausea or even stop a headache.  If you struggle with sleep - difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up - maybe a few of the suggestions below will bring you some rest. 1. There is a Chinese phrase, "One hour of sleep before midnight is better than two hours of sleep after midnight."  In Chinese medicine, our Liver rejuvenates and stores our blood, preparing it for the next day.  It does this around the hours of 11pm - 3am.  Getting to sleep before 11pm allows your Liver to restore your blood for the next day instead of maintaining your blood while you are awake. 2. I find that one [...]

19 03, 2013


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Inflammation is a common topic now a days.  Both conventional and traditional practitioners are concerned about the prolonged side effects of chronic inflammation.  But what exactly is inflammation, what causes it, and how come it can lead to so many issues? When the body encounters a stimuli (a pathogen, an irritant or an injury) it naturally responds with a biological immune cascade to initiate healing.  This is an ACUTE, short-lived process that increases blood flow to the area and starts a biochemical reaction resulting in Pain, Heat, Redness, Swelling and sometimes even Immobility.  This is how we heal, and it is natural. If, though, the stimuli continues to damage the same area, the irritated cells or tissue become thickened, or worse, can die!  Chronic irritants can be: non-degradable pathogens, viral infections, persistent foreign bodies, autoimmune reactions and foods that are overly processed and refined. [...]

12 03, 2013

Tao Te Ching – Chapter 9

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To keep on filling is not as good as stopping. overfilled, the cupped hands drip, better to stop pouring. Sharpen a blade too much and it's edge will soon be lost. Fill your house with jade and gold and it brings insecurity. Puff yourself with honor and pride and no one can save you from a fall. Retire when the work is done; this is the way of heaven. - Wayne Dyer _____________________ To hold it upright and fill it, Is not so good as stopping in time. When you pound it out and give it a point, It won't be preserved very long. When gold and jade fill your rooms, You'll never be able to protect them. Arrogance and pride with wealth and rank, On their own bring on disaster. When the deed is accomplished you retire; Such is Heaven's Way! -Robert G. [...]

27 02, 2013


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There is this passage in a book I like called the Hua Hu Ching.  This book is a rare collection of stories passed down from Taoist master to Taoist master in the form of oral tradition.  Some attribute these stories directly to Lao Tzu (the author of the ever famous Tao Te Ching).  These stories are about a master talking with his students.  That's all beside the point.  I bring this up to talk about the passage I like… I don't have the book in front of me, so forgive my paraphrasing.  It goes something like this.  A student asks his master for guidance.  He was eager to learn and hungry for wisdom.  So he asks his master, "Here I am, open and ready.  Tell me your wisdom."  Dangerous, if you ask me.  The master jumps right in. "Young student, Can the expansive space [...]

19 02, 2013

Mouth Pain

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Such a Pain in the Mouth! In my opinion, there is nothing more debilitating than mouth pain.  Broken bones, hurt.  No doubt.  Low back pain can effect how you move through your day.  Mouth pain, though, mouth pain stops me in my tracks.  It effects how ,and even if, I eat.  It keeps me up at night.  It can even dictates whether or not I can talk. Mouth pain has aggravated humans ever since we've opened-wide.  And thankfully Traditional Medicine has been fighting the good fight for centuries.  From this, we have inherited effective and safe methods that can make a difference for you, today. Acupuncture Points Without getting too deep into Chinese Medical theory, the mouth has two powerful meridians that connect to it; the Large Intestine Meridian and the Stomach Meridian.  Both of these channels have acupuncture points along the jaw and [...]

12 02, 2013

Tao Te Ching – Chapter 65

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The ancient ones were simple-hearted and blended with the common people They did not shine forth They did no rule with cleverness so the nation was blessed Now the rulers are filled with clever ideas and the lives of people are filled with hardship so the nation is cursed. He who knows the play of Tao and Te knows the nature of the universe Tao brings forth Te from its own being Te expands in all directions filling every corner of the world becoming the splendor of all creation Yet at every moment Te seeks Tao This is the movement that guides the universe This is the impulse that leads all things back home. - Jonathan Star __________________________________________ Those who practiced the Way in antiquity, Did not use it to enlighten the people. Rather, they used it to make them dumb. Now the reason [...]