2018 – Year of the Yang Earth Dog

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No one will ever label 2017 as a walk in the park - the Fire Rooster made sure of that.  In fact, I might say this past year has, “gone to the dogs.”  Are you as “dog tired” of the constant stream of politics, of professional shifts and personal change as I am?  What, then, does the year of the Yang Earth Dog have in store for us? First let’s get familiar with the steady, rooted quality of Earth.  The next two years will have Earthy lessons for us.  This year, we welcome Yang Earth.  Next year (2019) will evoke the Yin Earth (Pig). In Chinese thought, Earth is related to the digestive system which extracts the essence out of what we ingest.  It holds the function of taking that essence and infusing our body with nourishing Qi and Blood.  At the fundamental levels, [...]