Year of the Horse – Galloping into NEW horizons.

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In a few weeks, we leave behind the Yin Water Snake and jump boldly onto the saddle of the Yang Wood Horse. 2014 promises big potential *IF* you’ve embraced the 2013 snake appropriately. Did you shed your skin and slither through the dirt last year? The snake always brings up deeper core questions of morality and wisdom. For many, 2013 was about their core. Did you face it with suspicion or curiosity? Were you triggered and shut down or did you dig deep and study your patterns? The Chinese base a lot of things on cycles. The passage of time is no different. Each year is assigned an animal of the Chinese Zodiac. There are 12 zodiac animals (Rabbit, Tiger, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, etc.) and each of these animals have their own personality. But just like there are many different types of tigers [...]