Acupuncture and Emotional Wellbeing

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As an Acupuncturist, I often run into clients suffering from physical pain. They schedule an appointment with one goal in mind, "I hurt, fix me.". It's phenomenal that one would reach out for assistance with physical issues that affect their lives. I am happy to help. Whether they come to see me for right-sided, lateral Knee pain, a splitting migraine, weight loss or even digestive complaints, clients are often shocked when I ask them about their emotions. "What does my stress, or my anxiety have to do with my back pain?", a client has asked me. This is where education comes in to play. I explain to them the holistic approach to Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. That by looking at every angle of a person's life — whether it's physical activities, emotional habits, dietary choices or even thought patterns — an Acupuncturist can uncover [...]