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One of the most powerful natural healing remedies available to us is simple sleep.  I am always surprised how often a good nights sleep will relieve a pain, calm nerves, reduce a rash, alleviate nausea or even stop a headache.  If you struggle with sleep - difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up - maybe a few of the suggestions below will bring you some rest. 1. There is a Chinese phrase, "One hour of sleep before midnight is better than two hours of sleep after midnight."  In Chinese medicine, our Liver rejuvenates and stores our blood, preparing it for the next day.  It does this around the hours of 11pm - 3am.  Getting to sleep before 11pm allows your Liver to restore your blood for the next day instead of maintaining your blood while you are awake. 2. I find that one [...]


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Inflammation is a common topic now a days.  Both conventional and traditional practitioners are concerned about the prolonged side effects of chronic inflammation.  But what exactly is inflammation, what causes it, and how come it can lead to so many issues? When the body encounters a stimuli (a pathogen, an irritant or an injury) it naturally responds with a biological immune cascade to initiate healing.  This is an ACUTE, short-lived process that increases blood flow to the area and starts a biochemical reaction resulting in Pain, Heat, Redness, Swelling and sometimes even Immobility.  This is how we heal, and it is natural. If, though, the stimuli continues to damage the same area, the irritated cells or tissue become thickened, or worse, can die!  Chronic irritants can be: non-degradable pathogens, viral infections, persistent foreign bodies, autoimmune reactions and foods that are overly processed and refined. [...]

Tao Te Ching – Chapter 9

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To keep on filling is not as good as stopping. overfilled, the cupped hands drip, better to stop pouring. Sharpen a blade too much and it's edge will soon be lost. Fill your house with jade and gold and it brings insecurity. Puff yourself with honor and pride and no one can save you from a fall. Retire when the work is done; this is the way of heaven. - Wayne Dyer _____________________ To hold it upright and fill it, Is not so good as stopping in time. When you pound it out and give it a point, It won't be preserved very long. When gold and jade fill your rooms, You'll never be able to protect them. Arrogance and pride with wealth and rank, On their own bring on disaster. When the deed is accomplished you retire; Such is Heaven's Way! -Robert G. [...]